Theme Assembly
Head Gear Bat Lord Helmet
Left-Hand Item
Neck Item objects ??
Bonus Slot Item
Pants Bat Lord Pants
DrUnderbuild is an Assembly minifigure. He is very famous for his many very well built properties. He is one of the few minifigures to have the Red Jester Hat. He is currently level forty three.

(The following is written by the player this article is about)

Hey there! I am Dr. Underbuild. Apparently the writer on this Wiki chose to count me as a famous personnage; I'm honored. Some reasons that I am considered 'famous':

1. Am in the Hall of Fame (US) for "The Great Keep" [Brick Built Castle at the time]

2. I love to build, talk about building, upload pictures of my building, learn new programs for building, and everything else you can think of that pertains to LEGO BUILDING! I'm a maniac! That's how I came to hang around with the other maniac builders (who are considered famous).

3. I placed in/won a total of 6 contests throughout Beta and Launch

4. I had the best friends that someone could ever wish for. Choose your friends wisely; they make you.

I loved to show off the rare items that I collected, and after I had ammassed all of them (at various stages of content release), I would give out the extras that I had for a few coins, which I used to buy more bricks for building! Before I collected all of the 'rares', I sold hard. I ammased a total of 27,000,000 million coins in LU, though mostly by selling items. I gave away $8,000,000 of my savings to minifigures who had not saved enough cash for their valiant weapons. This may be a substantial reason as to why I was famous. I won't call myself a philanthropist, 'cause that's too high-falutin. :P Many, many, people were more generous than I.

~Dr. Alfred Underbuild, brother of Dr. Albert Overbuild, A.L.