Theme F2P
Weapon Heroic Forceblade
Head Gear Dragon Helm MKIII
Left-Hand Item Nexus Shield MKIII
Neck Item Jetpack, Imaginite Pack
Bonus Slot Item Armor Polish, Armor Shine, Quicksicle, Everlasting Hiccup Tablet, Anvil of Armor, Flash Bulb
Shirt Zippered Leather Jacket
Pants Flight Suit Legs

FriendlyGeniusStorm is a level 45 F2P player on LEGO Universe. He is JordanSiah on the Lego Universe Archives Wiki, and warrior4466 on LEGO messageboards. He has two other minifigures who operate in different servers; the Exeter Universum minfigure is FlockiZippSchah and the Storm Universe minfigure is FastBlunderComputer.


FriendlyGeniusStorm joined LEGO Universe on October 11, 2011 (MST). Throughout his gaming, Storm made befriended SmartMagneticMagnet (AtomicScientist), BlueKnightSam, Ferfature, BuzzVaporHorse (Foota5), and LaughingLooneyHyena (narutomaniac). He also was granted 45 by an invisible mythran, which gained him popularity. His last day was on January 30, 2012 (MST), or January 29, 2012 (EST).


  • It is seemingly easy to find him because he is level 45.
  • He has worked numerous times with ModernParrotComputer and NitroChronoWarrior in many of the Avant Gardens mini games.


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