Hollis, before the May 2011 LEGO Universe game update.

Hollis (in-game) or cdmpants (Message Boards,Wikia, and cdmpant on YouTube) is a popular builder in LEGO Universe. He has built many well known in-game properties, such as Avant Conservartory, Nimbus Laboratory, or his proposed Mount Shuner Observatory.

Two of Hollis's Properties are in the Hall of Fame on the LEGO Universe website. Nimbus Laboratory on January 4th, 2011, and Avant Conservatory on August 16th, 2011.

Teams: Team Nexus Delta Youtube:


  • Hollis is known for his wardrobe, which includes many business suits. His most used outfit consists of an earth blue business suit, earth blue pants, Yellow Parrot and Briefcase.
  • Hollis's name is based off of a character from his own imagination, Professor Hollis W. Shuner.