Me, massive and friends.

MassiveSolarViper and others in a group photo, on the last day of LEGO Universe.


Me, Bob63, Jeg, And RiverClearWarrior on LU's Final night


(from center going in a circle left) MassiveSolarViper, KiwiSapphireKitten(Massive's sister) Bobscousinjoe(Second favorite minifigure :P) and ExpertSharkBolt

MassiveSolarViper is a Paradox minifigure. He is Rank three in all of the Paradox Specialties, and has all three of the Valiant Weapons. He joined the fight against the Maelstrom on December 26, 2010, All the way to the final moments. He is zmgipson on the message boards, and MassiveSolarViper on Wikia. His ending level was level 41.

Final GearEdit

Head:Sorcerer Rank three hat

Shoulder: Sorcerer Valiant cape

Torso: Sorcerer rank three shirt

Legs: Sorcerer Rank three pants

Weapon: No weapon.