MissHarley (AKA Harley) is a semi-famous LU player who joined somewhat between March and May 2011. She is known for being the vice president of the Jokers gang. Before she retired to join F2P in a different account, she was a Level 43 Rank 3 Venture League Daredevil with its Valiants.


Harley joined LEGO Universe because her younger brother, AwesomeMe44, had reccommended it. She was instantly in love with it and quickly completed missions and achievements. Although she was a fan of Batman, she felt there were few other DC fans like her. She almost quit, but found "TheJoker", a funny fan of DC who met Harley in the Gnarled Forest after they were randomly put on a team together. They founded the team "Jokers", which, when it's topic was posted on the Message Boards, attracted other DC fans and the gang remained strong many months. Harley gave her position of leader to TheJoker in July 2011, because she felt he deserved it. By doing this she stepped down to Vice President. When summer ended, a few members of the Jokers left due to school starting. For a time, even TheJoker remained away, until his return in early November, just before the closing of LU was announced. This brought violent changes to the Jokers, and half of the members left, leaving MissHarley, TheJoker, and a few others to continue their chatting of DC and "Joker-like" pranks. In December 2011, Harley re-joined the Message Boards and began to post a lot. In early January 2012, the Jokers decided that because they only had 2 members (besides Harley and Joker) left, it was time to shut down the gang, but still remain strong on the MBs. Harley exiled into F2P and disabled her membership, and rarely plays LU anymore, due to the upcoming closure.


When in crowds, Harley liked to keep her outfit as a Harley Quinn type outfit, so she wore a Beta Tester's Shirt, a Mosaic Jester Cap, a Gem Hammer from Mr. Ree, and Red Pants. She also wore this to her Jokers meetings.