Murphy was a player of LEGO Universe. He is Spiral on the LEGO Message Boards. He was a member of The Venture League. In LU he was famous to an extent, due to his talent for racing, his slightly annoying but awesome personality, and his success on the LEGO Message Boards. Murphy won two weekly contests in-game at Keelhaul Canyon in the month of April, and had every single car in the game. On the LEGO Message Boards his story L0cked and L0aded became one of the most popular on the boards at the time. When it was announced LEGO Universe would close Murphy discontinued his story, purchased Minecraft and quit cold turkey.


Murphy took part in the LEGO Universe Beta test. He joined after the first character wipe in the Beta testing phase. His best friends were LegoCastleBuilder, 7op, Kynosis, TheVentureDude, SwiftDangerLaser and Mashmellow. Murphy talked in a unique way, greeting people with the phrase "Waz popin?" replacing all adjectives describing good things with "Beast" and "Sick", and always said "LEST" instead of "Let's"