A Nitro Picture
Theme F2P
Weapon Uber Hammer
Head Gear Mosaic Jester Cap
Left-Hand Item Skeleton Bulllwhip
Neck Item Imaginite Pack
Bonus Slot Item Anvil of Armor
Shirt Zippered Leather Jacket
Pants Harlequin Pants
NitroChronoWarrior is level 33 F2P in LEGO Universe. He is NitroChronoWarrior on the LEGO Universe wiki and Legoknight7603 on LEGO Messageboards. He also has another player, MindlessRockWarrior.


NitroChronoWarrior joined LEGO Universe on October 23, 2011. He built an unfinished property that was designed as a world. Like many players, his last day was January 30, 2012.


Ninjago and City Village was an unfinished property designed as an interactive world. Two lands, known as LEGO City and Ninjago, were believed to have a strange connection between each other. Spatially, Ninjago was actually a floating piece of land above LEGO City. At the front gate, one will find an exploding Doberman pet, and a patrolling penguin. When entering the city, players will find familiar characters, like Shouty McBullhorn and an Assembly Mech.


  • NitroChronoWarrior was one of the lowest of the highest F2P. (This means that he was very high, but very low against the other high F2P.)
  • NitroChronoWarrior played on Overbuild Universe.
  • NitroChronoWarrior's game file data was accidently erased in March 2012, after LEGO Universe ended.