Theme Assembly
Weapon The Wingreaper
Head Gear Summoner Hat 3
Left-Hand Item Summoner Orb 3
Neck Item Summoner Shoulderpads 3
Bonus Slot Item Unknown
Shirt Summoner Robe 3
Pants Summoner Pants 3
Polturgighst is a player on LEGO Universe. He is semi-famous for his time on the LEGO Universe Wikia .


Polturgighst is pronounsed /POLT-er-guy-st/ like it's root word Poltergeist which meens Evil Spirit. While Polturgighst being pronounced as Poltergeist actually meens Noisy Spirit rather than Evil Spirit

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"I am the Polturgighst" - Polturgighst

"I was am and always will be the Polturgighst" - Polturgighst