LEGO Universe 2011-12-19 21-09-05

Modern-day Falcon.

LEGO Universe 2011-08-21 13-13-24

He is one of many to have the Nexus Force suit.

TerrificGravityFalcon is a famous player of LU. He is known for his kindness to others, even though he is blocked from chat. He is the Best Friend Of Smart Magnetic Magnet. There were 2 kinds of Terrific's, the first one was TerrificGravityFalcon, a non-custom name who got deleted by rage of the owner of Terrific,
LEGO Universe 2012-01-06 20-37-24

Terrific and his trusty owl, Spark!

LEGO Universe 2012-01-06 19-39-56

Terrific creating the Pencil Rocket: Erasing the Maelstrom one area at a time!

then there was the second TerrificGravityFalcon, who's name was custom.


Terrific's favorite animal is a Narwhal.
LEGO Universe 2012-01-06 20-50-23

Terrific is very fond of animals.

Terrific is the LU twin of Tyro.

Terrific was muted by Ninjagodude123.


"Narwhals: The unicorns of the sea!" -TerrificGravityFalcon