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Theme unknown
Weapon unknown
Head Gear unknown
Left-Hand Item unknown
Neck Item unknown
Bonus Slot Item unknown
Shirt unknown
Pants unknown
White is a famous player of LEGO Universe. He is famous for a encounter with a Mythran shortly after the opening of LU. Some have mistaken White for a Mythran due to him being given both information and test items by the Mythrans. He was the first non-Mythan to own a horse and a jetpack. He is Reptilianman on the wiki, and reptilianman on the message boards. White is an Assembly minifigure.
Midrift white and No, Just No, Owl.

White, the Midriff Jester Squid.


  • Most believed that White received special unreleased items from the Mythrans to test them out to see if they were okay for other players to use. But recently Ads released a statment that said his uncle was a Mythran and he was giving him these special items.
  • White did not want other players to know about his his Jetpack, until Nealybealy broke a promise, and told everyone about it.
  • White was invited to test Legends of Chima Online, the new LEGO MMO. Soon after he was banned for posting unauthoized videos.